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Liberia: Govt/Partners on Infrastructural Development

13 JANUARY 2011

The Liberian Government and its international partners continue to undertake meaningful developmental initiatives that would add value to the country recovery drives after years of brutal civil crisis.
In the hunt to fulfilling its social contract obligation to the Liberian people, the Elenilto Minerals and Mining Company along with a Joint team of engineers from the Ministry of Public Works and the International Firm, Phoenix Engineering has completed assessment of major roads within Western Liberia, including the famous Lofa Bridge with the aim of rehabilitating them.

The assessment also looked at the road conditions and bridges along the 82.7 km(51.05miles) Tubmanburg to Mano River Kongo which links Bomi to Gbarpolu County and another 49.5 KM(30.6 MILES) road segment, which begins from Bombor Junction to Tiennil Town in Grand Cape Monty County.
The initial assessment formed part of the company's commitment for community development in Western Liberia by making inaccessible roads passage for commuters, traders, and vehicles so as to ease the transportation problems in that region.

Lofa Bridge will be a major focus of the company and rehabilitation road networks leading to there, and it further boost the government's infrastructure program in Bomi, Gbarpolu, and Grand Cape Mount Counties, where residents have long yearned for improved road networks to enhance free movement of people and goods and services.
Elenilto is managing large scale exploration and mining operations (Gold, Cooper, Iron ore, Sand, Aggregates and others) in Africa, Europe and Israel with mining and real estate value of 15 Billion United States Dollars.

The company is also committed to paying the total amount of over 80 million United States Dollars for social developments within the three counties of the company's project locations, and for scholarships and other contributions to the local community. The company also pledges is part of its corporate social responsibilities to the peoples of Western Liberia over the 25 years span of the project.