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Elenilto wins Sierra Leone offshore oil block

August 15, 2012

Source: Elenilto
In an internationally competitive tender of the government of Sierra Leone, ELENILTO has been awarded the majority stake and being the operator of the promising offshore oil block SL-07A-10. The awarded block covering an area of ~3,500 square kilometers, is adjacent to Anadarko, Repsol and Tullow´s Jupiter-1, Mercury-1 and Venus-1 recent oil discoveries. Internationally renowned oil corporations including CHEVRON, NOBLE ENERGY, AFRICAN PETROLEUM AND KOSMOS have been allocated oil blocks in close proximity to ELENILTO´s awarded block.

About Elenilto

Elenilto is developing today offshore & onshore blocks, iron ore and other minerals large scale projects in Liberia, Guinea Conakry, Senegal, Congo Brazzaville, Ethiopia, Benin, Georgia and further countries.
Elenilto operates today two world class iron ore assets: the western cluster iron ore project in Liberia jointly with Sesa-Goa, with resource of 3 billion tons, planning the 1st shipment by next year with and expected annual production of 25 Mtpa) and the Yomou-Zogota iron ore project in Guinea Conkary, with resource of 1 billion ton.

Elenilto has also began developing its iron ore licenses it was recently awarded in Congo Brazzaville, with significant potential. Other mineral operations include a major Tantalum project in Ethiopia (adjacent to one of world class Tantalum operating mine in Kenticha, Ethiopia).