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Elenilto Intends to Develop the World Class Phosphate Concession in Togo

After the Togo government awarded Elenilto among the 3 bidders shortlisted for the Carbonated Phosphate project in Togo, Elenilto began discussions with major phosphate fertilizers to join the mega project which is considered a world class project.

The Government of Togo has launched on 2012 a tender searching for strategic partner to develop the 2 billion tons Carbonated Phosphate layer and Fertilizer plant in Togo, 25km from the beach line and in adjacent to the existing operating Phosphate project owned by the Government of Togo.

Elenilto is planning to recover in the 1st stage 5 million tons annually marketable phosphate rock which can ramp up to 10 million tons annually (the product is P2O5 @31.5%). The major part of the marketable rock will be used to produce and export Phosphoric Acid, and fertilizers as: DAP, MAP, GTSP and further products.
The project is including the improvement and construction of wharf, power plant and transportation for the phosphate and fertilizers.

The development of the project will be done in stages and within few years will begin the production.
The total investment in the project is expected to be over 1 billion US$.