Public Facilities

EngelInvest engages in the development, engineering and construction of Public Facilities, such as hospitals, prisons, government buildings, ports, airports, senior living facilities, and other installations requiring specialized areas of expertise related to health and welfare, safety and security, energy consumption and environmental considerations. In addition to constructing state-of-the-art facilities, the Group is able to offer turn-key projects, including all equipment and solutions required for operation of the facility, as well as investment in long-term government-issued concessions.

Experience, Contacts, Trust

The Group has earned the trust and respect of its customers, partners and financial institutions for its outstanding track-record in contracting, obtaining licenses, working with authorities, and even expertise in areas such as earthquake reinforcement and security of public and residential buildings. 

The Company´s proven success, strong financial position and vast experience in working with government authorities are distinct assets in cultivating this opportune sector for growth worldwide.

Four Decades of Credibility

Jacob Engel brings to the Elenilto Group more than four decades of experience building large public facilities in Europe. Ports, airports, sport stadiums, government buildings and hospitals are all included in his project portfolio. As part of EngelInvest´s commitment to corporate responsibility in communities where it operates, the Company partners with local authorities to build schools, clinics, sports facilities, gardens and more.