Minerals, Oil & Gas

Elenilto has been active in the minerals, oil and gas industries for the past 20 years. Through successful participation in tenders or direct commissions and cooperation with local partners, the Company secures and develops mineral-rights ownership to extract natural resources on behalf of relevant government authorities. Among the resources extracted by the Company are: Oil, Gas, Tantalum, Nickel, Phosphates, Iron Ore and Copper, as well as sand, gravel, aggregates and others.

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Global Professional Network

Over the years, the Company has developed a strategic worldwide network of partners in the minerals, oil and gas industries, who provide consulting, testing, assessment, planning, and engineering services, contributing to the professionalism, safety and profitability of projects. With an impressive track-record in these areas, the Group has also established outstanding government and professional contacts, facilitating the operation and expansion of activities on the African, European and American continents.

Fueling its success is Elenilto´s experienced Geological Survey and Technical departments, which are responsible for geological mapping and mineral exploration, geophysical surveys in search of mineral deposits, benefication, sample analysis, drilling for exploration and evaluation of mineral and groundwater resources, and prospect development and evaluation.

Investment, Exploration and Production

Based on the constellation of each project, the company owns, operates, contracts and cooperates with various organizations to extract maximum value. In addition to maintaining the required liquidity to invest from its own money, Elenilto´s business philosophy is founded on high-level cooperation with local partners and forming strategic partnerships to pursue new avenues of investment. Management´s skill in cultivating specific markets, while minimizing risk, forms the cornerstone of the company´s success, making Elenilto a leading global exploration and production company.


Through participation in tenders or direct commissions, White Sands Industries, Ltd., an Elenilto Group subsidiary, receives government concessions for the operation of quarries and the production of asphalt, sand, gravel, aggregates and substrates. Using the most advanced equipment in the industry, the company extracts the raw material and produces top-grade products for use in the manufacture of concrete, mortar, adhesives, asphalt and other special products used in the production of cement and construction of infrastructure. The Company provides a comprehensive solution, including exploration, mining, benefication, marketing, transportation to the customer. Due to the importance of quality in these industries, White Sands´ products have earned ISO-9001 certification and are evaluated by the International Standards Institute periodically to ensure strict adherence to clients´ specifications. The Company takes great care to implement measures to reduce pollution and protect the environment.

Elenilto´s Safety Policy

Elenilto Group is especially proud of its enviable safety record, which is a reflection of the Company´s commitment to the health and safety of all employees and contractors. Its safety policies require compliance with stringent safety standards, training requirements, operational precautions and environmental protection programs. Education and training are mandatory for all supervisors, contractors and employees, and retraining is conducted on a regular basis. All of Elenilto´s global operations comply with these guidelines in order to provide an injury-free workplace.