Lottery & Gaming

EngelInvest and its partners operate state-of-the-art national lottery platforms – an area in which the Group collaborates with top-tier technology partners internationally to offer turnkey gaming solutions. Together, they are able to implement, operate and support all traditional game variations including lotto, digit (2, 3, 4 digit etc.), Raffle, Keno, Lotto Jackpot game, scratch games and Bingo, as well as other rapidly-growing gaming channels such as mobile (SMS and downloadable) and online gaming. The gaming market is growing rapidly worldwide and EngelInvest is uniquely positioned – in terms of experience, access to technological expertise and financing – to be an important player in this sector.

Gaming Technologies

Whether by investing in new infrastructure, or in the enhancement of the existing lottery and gaming framework, EngelInvest is able to significantly increase the profitability of these ventures for the governments operating them. The Company works with the top international gaming experts, providing the most advanced gaming technologies, infrastructure, equipment, software solutions, administration, and marketing to ensure higher public engagement and to attract new opportunities. The Group and its affiliates have played key roles in establishing the lottery standards and operations, laying the foundations for a successful lottery, even in countries where one did not previously exist.

Social Value

The proceeds of national lotteries and gaming programs are typically allocated to social projects, in keeping with the governments' priorities, such as the construction of medical facilities, community centers, sports facilities, schools and social projects targeting various populations in need. EngelInvest teams with experts who consult and provide assistance to governments to define project objectives and to set-up the infrastructure for fund allocations. Together, they offer solutions tailored to the local culture, values and economy. Creating value with great attention to social responsibility is a key factor in the Group´s strategy and vision.