The Elenilto Group is active, through EngelInvest, in the construction of new infrastructure and the repair and replacement of aging infrastructure.  Infrastructure projects in which the Company engages include Water (water and sewage systems, reservoirs and dams), Rapid Transit (railways, subways, light trains, etc.), Ports, Airports, Bridges, Roads and Power Transmission Lines. The Company's quarries often provide the raw materials used in the Group's infrastructure projects.

Experienced Partner

Elenilto Group has a distinct advantage in competing for large-scale, government-sponsored Infrastructure projects. Frequently, the Group partners with local companies to benefit from local skills and labor, while bringing its own vast global experience and ability to manage major, large-budget industrial projects.

Water Projects Expert

With the growing demand for constructing water transport systems in arid regions and the importance of purifying water for drinking and agriculture in developing and remote areas, the Company is on track to become a leading global vendor. The construction of dams is also an area of strength, combining EngelInvest's expertise in Infrastructure and Energy.

Fueling Development

The planning and construction of new infrastructure systems are essential to fueling economic development and prosperity. In cooperation with local and national governments, the Company has repeatedly been involved in projects to create and expand regional infrastructure in areas where it operates minerals, oil and gas projects.

Renovating Infrastructure

Older cities worldwide are in crisis due to the aging of infrastructure. EngelInvest's team of engineers is engaged in the evaluation, prioritizing and implementation of renovations for all major installations, whether subterranean – such as water, sewage, energy, pipelines, tunnels and subway systems – or surface systems, including all transportation networks and ports, as well as essential networks for energy and communication.

Stable Foundations

Complementing the Company´s outstanding professional track record in planning and implementing major infrastructure projects is its solid financial position. EngelInvest approaches every project with the ability to undertake every professional challenge with the best professionals, equipment, skills and contacts to get the job done right, on schedule and on budget.