Grow & Thrive

Through Agroluum Group, EngelInvest's Agricultural Division, the company provides turn-key solutions for large agricultural projects, in cooperation with national and regional governments and local authorities and experts. The company recognizes the importance of agriculture to national self-reliance and social stability. Therefore, the company's successful transfer of know-how is one of its most distinguished areas of expertise.

Agricultural Solutions Experts

The company relies on a global network of experts in agriculture, water management, renewable energy, sustainability, and other disciplines, to meet specific project requirements. With more than four decades of experience in partnering with governments of developing nations, EngelInvest, through Agroluum, is uniquely positioned to tailor projects to local needs and guidelines.

Cultivating Micro-economies

Agroluum helps agrarian villages transition into commercial farms by working with clusters of villages. Together, they form micro-economies serving as natural partnerships for training, resource sharing and trade. Multiple clusters may also be developed simultaneously to gradually expand to regional economies and trade cooperatives.

Knowledge Transfer

Projects incorporate all the needed know-how, training, equipment, facilities and resources needed to qualify farmers, managers, technicians and production staff to establish financially-viable businesses. Training is provided in business management and marketing to assure that the fruits of the farmers' labors contribute to the prosperity of the local and national economy.

Diverse Disciplines

Among Agroluum´s most common offerings are turnkey solutions for:
  • Crop Production: Fields, Groves and Greenhouses
  • Livestock and Poultry Cultivation and Husbandry
  • Fish & Algae Farming
  • Water Management
  • Professional Training
  • Production & Storage Facilities Construction
  • Energy Creation
  • Modernization