• Risk is the test of how much we want to realize our dreams.
    Risk is the test of how much we want to realize our dreams.
    When we learn to manage the risk, our dreams become attainable. Jacob Engel, Chairman and Founder

Welcome to Engelinvest - Elenilto Group

The Engelinvest-Elenilto Group is a privately-owned global corporation that invests in and operates large-scale projects in diverse industries. Real Estate, Minerals, Oil, Gas and Quarries are the flagship businesses of the Elenilto Group. The Company operates concessions for exploration, drilling, production, and mineral processing in Africa, EurAsia and North America.

Directly and through its affiliate, EngelInvest, the Elenilto Group has significantly diversified its interests into many other areas, including the investment and operation of large-scale projects in Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, Public Facilities, Innovative Technologies, and Lottery and Gaming.

What we do

Minerals, Oil, Gas & Quarries

Elenilto has been active in the minerals, oil and gas industries for the past 20 years. Through successful participation in tenders or direct commissions and cooperation with local partners, the Company secures and develops mineral-rights ownership to extract natural resources on behalf of relevant government authorities. Among the resources extracted by the Company are: Oil, Gas, Tantalum, Nickel, Phosphates, Iron Ore and Copper, as well as sand, gravel, aggregates and others.

Real Estate

During the past 40 years, Mr. Jacob Engel, Elenilto Group´s Founder and Chairman, has developed a successful track record of developing real estate projects, totaling billions of dollars. His companies have built tens of thousands of residential units worldwide, as well as stadiums, hospitals, ports, airports, government buildings, senior living facilities and other commercial and public buildings in North America, Central Europe and  Eastern Europe. By identifying prospering economies within the emerging markets, the Group is able to generate consistent growth and ensure very high return on investments.

Lottery & Gaming

Directly and through EngelInvest, the Elenilto Group offers governments a turnkey solution for the establishment of National Lotteries that include operation, software, hosting, customer service and transaction management, with significant contribution to governmental support of social, health, educational and community development. The Company also supports all traditional online game variations including Lotto, Digit (2, 3, 4 digit etc.), Keno, and Bingo, as well as other rapidly-growing gaming channels such as point-of-sale terminals (scratch games) and mobile (SMS and downloadable).


Through Agroluum Group, EngelInvest´s Agricultural Division, the company provides turn-key solutions for large agricultural projects, in cooperation with national and regional governments and local authorities and experts. The company recognizes the importance of agriculture to national self-reliance and social stability. Therefore, the company´s successful transfer of know-how is one of its most distinguished areas of expertise.


There are two major trends in the world of Infrastructure in which the Elenilto Group is active, through EngelInvest: the construction of new infrastructure and the repair and replacement of aging infrastructure. Infrastructure projects in which the Company engages include Water (water and sewage systems, reservoirs and dams), Rapid Transit (railways, subways, light trains, etc.), Ports, Airports, Bridges, Roads and Transmission Lines.

Public Facilities

EngelInvest engages in the development, engineering and construction of Public Facilities, such as hospitals, prisons, government buildings, ports, airports, senior living facilities, and other installations requiring specialized areas of expertise related to health and welfare, safety and security, energy consumption and environmental considerations.

Renewable Energy

As a natural outgrowth of the Company´s extensive involvement in minerals, oil and gas concessions, drilling and contracting, the Elenilto Group has become active in the cultivation of Renewable Energy sources, including Solar Energy, Wind Power, Hydro Power, Geothermal Energy, Bio Energy and Waste Energy.

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