Innovative Technologies

With a keen ability to identify opportunities and vast experience in industry and finance, including M&As and IPOs, Chairman Jacob Engel established Atooro, a family-owned technology investment fund operated through EngelInvest. 

Investing in Progress

With an expert team of technology, finance and legal professionals, who specialize in these fields, the Company invests in the fastest-growing technology market segments including: Speech Recognition, Mobile Security, Augmented Reality, Digital Health, Big Data, Computer Vision, IOT, the On-demand Economy, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber.

Outpacing Trends

This diversification of investments provides the Group new opportunities to participate in cutting-edge developments that are shaping society and the economy on a global scale. It also supports Atooro's agile approach to cultivating opportunities in a timely manner – just as new needs arise and innovations are created to address them.

Start-up Portfolio

To date, Atooro has invested in more than 20 start-ups. Among the companies in its investment portfolio are,, callapp,,,, safebeyond,, dropitshopping, mydoubleyou, ACS-motion (acquired by Physik Instrumente GmbH) and others.

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